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It took some time to get Quiet Refuge published on CreateSpace. I published it about six months ago, and I’ve been slowly getting it in front of readers. Putting it up on Amazon is only the first step and publishing the POD has a larger learning curve than KDP. I’ve done several rounds of editing, but it seems to be never ending. I just did a major reformat, and it’s finally beginning to look good to me. I’ve had many compliments on the story and requests for a sequel. I have started the sequel, but first I want to finish a second novel I’ve been working on. It doesn’t have a name yet. It’s about the abduction of twelve young students and a school bus driver. I also have several short stories in a variety of stages of completion and hope to compile them into a collection soon. I joined 4 or 5 writer’s groups but had to cut some of them out because I didn’t want to spend that much time away from my writing. I’m looking for advanced readers for my new book. I’ll send you out a free eBook if you contact me at lindatincupeno@gmail.com. A review on Amazon would be appreciated but is not a prerequisite, I need honest readers to give me feedback.

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I finally took the plunge. After going through many edits and learning the rules for publishing on Kindle I uploaded my first book today. I decided to use fiverr for the cover, concluding there was a big enough learning curve without trying to make an eye-catching cover. I searched through the myriad choices and picked one with good reviews. I’m pleased with the results. Next, I am learning to use Publisher 3.0 (a publishing software recommended by a friend) to format the same DOCX file for CreateSpace. It takes some time to learn the techniques needed to self-publish but the next book should be much easier. Contact me if you want any details on my journey. I am on facebook @ Linda Peno and on gmail @ lindatincupeno@gmail.com. My other goal is finding good cheap marketing and free reviews. Find Quiet Refuge at Amazon and put in a review!
Quiet Refuge synopsis:

Meet Abi Bowman a precocious teenager coming of age in the turbulent 1960’s in a small Alabama town. When she and her best friend Becca Anderson overhear a conversation about a possible kidnapped girl stashed in the maintenance tunnel under the school Abi’s natural curiosity compels her to investigate.
What they discover is far more sinister than they could imagine and soon they are running for their lives.
Meanwhile, Abi’s Uncle Sheriff Wesley Johnson has interrupted his search for the missing girl to dig through the rubble caused by a devastating tornado that ripped through the High School. He soon learns that the niece he so desperately searches for was underground during the storm. A call from an old friend informs him that a bitter enemy from his past is pursuing Abi and her friend Becca intent on deadly revenge.

While Wesley races the clock, hoping to find all three missing teens alive, especially Abi, his challenges include keeping his citizens from taking justice into their own hands. There is a group in town just waiting for an excuse to perform a lynching, and time is running out for the innocent man they have targeted.